Yardi Saas Agreement

Choose the Yardi Cloud solution that best suits the size and operational needs of your business. We offer three options: Yardi SaaS, Yardi SaaS Select and Yardi Private Cloud. Our 12 data centers around the world have overcapacity at all times, so you can quickly add users, features, and functionality as needs increase. Conversely, if you ever need to reduce operations, you can do so without incurring a loss of investment in unused software and hardware. Benefit from the best security measures available in the industry, including data recovery, encryption, and continuous monitoring of server operations. Learn more about adding Yardi to the Forbes Cloud 100 list Yardi`s seamless integration of customer data into a single connected solution provides the ideal environment for mobile or distributed employees. With a solution hosted by Yardi, you can run your business as if all your offices were under one roof, allowing employees to access up-to-date reports, publish transactions in real time, and share files securely. Leverage the experience of one of the fastest growing cloud solution providers and eliminate the need to manage server infrastructure while increasing processing capacity as your business grows. Increase the efficiency of your business with a central database that allows remote users to access the web in real time. The Yardi Cloud eliminates single points of failure through redundancy and resilient infrastructure. Each database is replicated to a parallel server with automatic failover and instant database recovery capabilities.

Data centers use redundant heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems so that hardware failures do not affect the controlled server environment. Yardi Private Cloud provides dedicated virtual servers, database and application installation, and VPN connectivity to the Yardi Cloud. Stay up to date with the latest technologies without worrying about system management and maintenance costs. Standardize operations on a flexible cloud platform, ready to meet your current needs and scalable to support future growth. Protect your business from data loss due to hardware failures or power outages with a database storage strategy that can ensure 99.9% application availability with built-in disaster recovery. Yardi SaaS is a cost-effective solution with a shared application installation and a dedicated database. Yardi SaaS Select provides a dedicated application installation while the software is hosted in a shared network environment. .

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