Warzone & MW3: Top SO-14 Loadout

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Warzone & MW3: Top SO-14 Loadout 1

The SO-14 was once the top weapon in Warzone, thanks to buffs from Activision. However, its popularity quickly declined due to its challenging recoil pattern. While recoil is still a factor, there are strategic adjustments that can help control this unruly weapon. The SO-14 is in the same league as the BAS-B and MTZ-762, known for their high damage output but difficult handling. Our recommended Warzone loadout for the SO-14 focuses on fully-automatic mode and includes the Bore-490 muzzle attachment to minimize kick, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip for enhanced recoil control, the 22″ Boremaster Barrel for managing recoil and extending damage range, the 50-round drum for dealing with high health opponents, and the Slate Reflector optic for a clear sight picture. In terms of perks, we suggest Sleight of Hand for quicker reloads, Double Time for enhanced mobility, Tempered for faster plating speeds and optimized bag space usage, and High Alert for critical enemy position information. In Modern Warfare 3, the main drawback of the SO-14 is its recoil. To excel in close-quarters combat, we prioritize mobility and handling. The recommended attachments include the VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor for recoil reduction and stealth, the XTEN Phantom-5 Handstop for stabilizing recoil and improving handling and mobility, the 16″ Chrome-Lined RFX40 Barrel for speed and swift movements, the 25-round magazine for handling multiple enemies, and the Slate Reflector optic for accuracy. As for perks, we suggest the Infantry Vest for increased Tac Sprint speed and faster recharge time, Quick Grip Gloves for swift weapon swaps, Climbing Boots for enhanced mobility and vertical angles, and Tac Mask for protection against Flashbang and Concussion equipment.

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Warzone & MW3: Top SO-14 Loadout 2

In order to optimize the performance of the SO-14 in both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, it is crucial to customize the attachments and perks to suit the requirements of each game mode. This article presents a selection of attachments and perks that have been carefully chosen to enhance the capabilities of the SO-14 in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3. These attachments and perks are designed to provide superior recoil control, enhanced mobility, and improved handling, resulting in a more efficient and adaptable gameplay experience. By utilizing these curated attachments and perks, players can maximize the potential of the SO-14 and achieve greater success in both game modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The SO-14 is highly regarded as a formidable weapon in Warzone due to its exceptional damage output and excellent handling. This makes it a reliable choice when facing opposing operators. In Modern Warfare 3, the recommended perks, such as the Infantry Vest and Quick Grip Gloves, are essential for enhancing the performance of the SO-14. These perks significantly improve accuracy, mobility, and overall handling, resulting in an optimized gaming experience. While some attachments and perks may be effective in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, it is advisable to customize the loadout according to the specific requirements and challenges of each game mode for optimal performance.


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