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Vory's Girlfriend: Who is He Dating Now? - bienpincherico news 1

Kentucky-born artist Vory, known for his rap, singing, and songwriting skills, has recently become entangled in a troubling situation involving allegations of domestic violence made by his girlfriend, whose identity remains undisclosed. The controversy surrounding this incident was initially brought to public attention through an Instagram post by @theneighborhoodtalk. Consequently, this incident has ignited a significant discourse regarding the personal life of the artist and the pervasive issue of domestic abuse within relationships. The allegations against Vory have prompted a broader conversation about the importance of addressing and combating domestic violence, shedding light on the need for awareness, support, and resources for victims.


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According to reports from @theneighborhoodtalk, Vory’s girlfriend has come forward with a statement sharing her harrowing experiences with him. In her heartfelt message, she bravely opens up about enduring abuse, infidelity, and deception, using social media as a platform to shed light on her situation, salvage her reputation, and reclaim her sense of safety.

Her statement serves as a warning to others, emphasizing the dangers of being in a relationship with an abuser. She firmly asserts that if someone has a history of abusing their partner, they are likely to continue doing so, regardless of promises to seek help. She emphasizes that change is unlikely, stating, “They will NEVER change!”

It is important to note that this article contains sensitive content related to incidents of domestic abuse and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Incidents Captured on Video

According to various sources, including @theneighborhoodtalk, there have been reports of two videos surfacing that show intense altercations between Vory and his girlfriend. These videos depict the girlfriend, who is seen holding a baby in one instance and visibly pregnant in another, engaged in heated arguments with the rapper. Vory’s behavior in these videos has received significant criticism, as he is alleged to have made threatening remarks towards his partner, including threats of violence. Additionally, a statement attributed to the girlfriend has been circulating on social media, where she expresses her pain and suffering from enduring abuse, infidelity, and deception in their relationship. She advises others to be cautious in their own relationships, warning that past abusive behavior often persists.

Vory’s Background and Music Career

Tavoris Javon Hollins Jr., known by his stage name Vory, was born in Houston, Texas, but later moved to Louisville, Kentucky, during his teenage years. His breakthrough in the music industry came when he won a Grammy Award for his contributions to The Carters’ album “Everything Is Love” in 2018. Vory’s talent as a songwriter and performer has been recognized through collaborations with renowned artists like Beyonce, Drake, and Kanye West. Some of his notable works include co-writing Meek Mill’s “Expensive Pain” and being featured on Kanye West’s album “Donda.” With his impressive track record, Vory has firmly established himself as a rising star in the music scene.

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