The Life and Legacy of Aygun Beyler: A Celebrated Azerbaijani Singer

The Life and Legacy of Aygun Beyler: A Celebrated Azerbaijani Singer 1

The music industry is currently grieving the loss of Aygun Beyler, a highly acclaimed singer from Azerbaijan. Known for her powerful performances and hit songs like “Your Fault,” “Ana,” “Kusma gel,” and the popular “Mulberry Tree,” Beyler tragically lost her battle with cancer on January 6th. At the age of 48, her untimely passing has shocked and saddened her devoted fans and admirers. Many are now seeking information about her family, particularly her daughter. The void left by Beyler’s absence in the music world will undoubtedly be felt for years to come. Her soulful voice and contributions to Azerbaijani music will forever be remembered.

Aygun Beyler’s Daughter: Canan

The Life and Legacy of Aygun Beyler: A Celebrated Azerbaijani Singer 2

Aygun Beyler’s family and her net worth prior to her untimely passing are now under scrutiny. Recently, her daughter Canan, born to Beyler and renowned musician Resul Vilayet in October 2009, made a public appearance after a long absence. Canan was spotted in a post shared by artist Hamida Omarova on Instagram on December 27, 2023. The post featured a touching photo of Aygun Beyler and her daughter, with Omarova captioning it, “This was a great gig! Long live Aygun Beyler. We love you so much!” The reunion took place at a concert at the prestigious Heydər Əliyev Palace the day before. Canan’s reappearance after being out of the public eye for a while attracted significant attention. The comments on the post expressed immense love and support, showcasing Aygun Beyler’s enduring popularity and the public’s curiosity about her only child. Some online users even questioned if the girl in the picture was truly Aygun Beyler’s daughter. Omarova confirmed that she was indeed Canan, putting any doubts to rest. The striking resemblance between Beyler and her daughter was also noted, with Canan exuding the same captivating charm as her mother.

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Aygun Beyler’s Net Worth

The Life and Legacy of Aygun Beyler: A Celebrated Azerbaijani Singer 3

Aygun Beyler, one of Azerbaijan’s most renowned singers, had a significant impact on the music industry in terms of her net worth. Throughout her career, which spanned several decades and was filled with artistic achievements, Beyler likely amassed a substantial fortune. She began her musical journey at the Sattar Bahlulzadeh Cultural House’s music school, where she studied drumming. At the young age of 13, she joined the Azerbaijan State Children’s Philharmonic, marking the beginning of her professional stage career. In 1995, Beyler gained widespread recognition and popularity when she started performing extensively with the first professional music collective named after Shovkat Alekperova. She represented Azerbaijani music abroad on various platforms, including television, radio, and large state events, expanding her influence beyond Azerbaijan and earning worldwide acclaim. While the exact details of her net worth at the time of her death remain undisclosed, given the success of her career, it can be assumed that she accumulated a substantial fortune.