Priyasha Saluja: Cinnamon Kitchen Founder’s Wiki, Career & Success

Priyasha Saluja: Cinnamon Kitchen Founder's Wiki, Career & Success 1

Priyasha Saluja, the founder of Cinnamon Kitchen, has recently gained viral attention on the internet due to her incredibly creative pitch. Despite battling PCOS, Priyasha has an inspiring backstory that has captured the hearts of many. Her remarkable pitch on Shark Tank Season three resulted in two offers being made to her. ‘

Ultimately, Priyasha decided to accept the offer from Shark Aman Gupta. However, there was another transaction on the table, which involved Vineeta and Shark Anupam Mittal working together. The story of Priyasha’s journey and her decision to accept Shark Aman Gupta’s offer is truly captivating. Let’s delve deeper into this fascinating tale.

Early Life and Passion for Food

The founder of Cinnamon Kitchen, a young and endearing female, affectionately refers to Delhi, India as her domestic city. She has a deep passion for finding healthy solutions to her personal challenges. At the age of thirteen, she was diagnosed with PCOS, which forced her to give up her beloved meals.

This was a difficult sacrifice for her, as she had always enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and indulging in delicious food. Despite her impoverished background, she was determined to find an alternative that would prevent her PCOS from worsening. To learn more about her inspiring journey, swipe for additional details.

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The Birth of Cinnamon Kitchen

Priyasha Saluja’s journey to discover delicious and nutritious meals for her teenage passion led her to establish the Cinnamon Kitchen. Through careful study of various food ingredients, she honed her skills in baking and cooking. However, this brilliant idea did not come to her overnight.

Priyasha completed her commerce studies at Delhi Public School before pursuing a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) at Keshav Mahavidyalaya. She also actively participated in extracurricular activities that aligned with her academic interests.

As part of her educational journey, she successfully completed the Bargaining and Negotiation program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). To learn more about Priyasha’s story, continue reading till the end.

Business and Marketing Background

Priyasha Saluja, who has a background in the business world, has dedicated her entire life to finance marketing. She obtained her education in finance, accounting, and financial modeling at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Additionally, she completed a digital marketing course through upGrad. At the age of around 28, Priyasha was born in 1996 and completed her education in 2016. Recently, she gained attention with a video titled “Mera Cibil Score Bohat Accha Hai,” where she revealed her impressive credit score of 838.

This has sparked curiosity among viewers who are eager to learn more about her credit rating. Stay tuned to this article for further details.

Success on Shark Tank

At Asian Paints, Priyasha begins her employment. She managed the advertising division of the commercial enterprise. Additionally, Saluja finished a 3-month internship at PwC.

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Her employment as a social media professional at Dentsu Aegis Network accompanied education from numerous different institutions.

Following Dentsu, she wanted to try her favorite formative years interest.

She examined numerous recipes when she first opened The Cinnamon Kitchen. She replaces them with healthful elements. Her response, which relates to the problems she faced as a young lady, is The Cinnamon Kitchen. Continue not to miss anything.

Delicious and Healthy Alternatives

A huge range of individuals with kind I or kind II diabetes are not able to eat their preferred ingredients. Her replacements for a majority of these sweet ingredients keep the confections tasting the same. The organization’s packaged goods and bakery are famous.

In Shark Tank Season Three Episode 2, she spoke about her emblem. Her pitch gained the over of the sharks. She also has a reel going viral on the net in which she discusses how she has kept her credit score high all her life. The author of Cinnamon Kitchen gets two offers in the course of this system. Go below to get details.

Offers from the Sharks

One becomes a joint offer from Shark Anupam Mittal and Shark Vineeta Singh. The 2nd came from Aman Gupta, the Shark. She requested 60 lakhs for a two percentage equity stake. Anupam and Vineeta, the sharks, offered 60 lakhs for a mixed 10% equity stake.

Shark Aman Gupta suggested 10 lakh for 2% fairness and 50 lakh for debt with a yearly interest rate of 12%. Priyasha presented Sark Aman Gupta with a counteroffer to transform debt into equity. With Shark Aman Gupta, co-founder and chief advertising and marketing officer of boAt, The Cinnamon Kitchen finalized a 60 lakh deal for 5 percent equity.

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Keep reading for more information.

Business Growth and Future Plans

In September 2019, a Rs 50,000 investment was released Priyasha. Her sales started at Rs. 1,40,000 in the first year and extended gradually to Rs. 6 crore this year. Sales for the economic years 2023 and 2024 totaled Rs 1.3 crore. Concerns concerning packaging and labeling have been raised through Anupam and Vineeta, the sharks.

Priyasha spoke back to Shark Namita Thapar’s query approximately scaling with the aid of highlighting her consciousness on bringing systems like Blinkit to new cities like Bangalore and Mumbai in addition to agreements she had signed with airports. Stay tuned for not to miss any latest news updates.

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