Police investigating death at an off WKU campus fraternity house

Police investigating death at an off WKU campus fraternity house 1

Police in Bowling Green, Kentucky, have been called to investigate a death at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. The incident has prompted a full-scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding the individual’s passing.

Authorities have not released any details regarding the deceased or the cause of death at this time.

The fraternity house, located in Bowling Green, has become the center of attention as investigators work to gather evidence and determine what led to this tragic event.

The community is left in shock and mourning as they await further information from law enforcement.

Statement from WKU Media Relations Director

Jace Lux, the media relations director for WKU, has issued a statement addressing a tragic incident involving the death of a student at an off-campus fraternity house.

While the police investigation is ongoing, no foul play is currently suspected. Lux emphasized that WKU is actively supporting students who may be deeply affected by this loss.

He urged those in need of counseling to reach out to the WKU Counseling Center at 270-745-3159. Lux also extended his heartfelt condolences to the family, loved ones, and friends of the deceased student.

The university is committed to providing assistance and support during this difficult time.

Developing Story

This story is currently in the process of development, and as the investigation continues, additional information may be disclosed.

The details surrounding the incident are still being uncovered, and it is expected that more updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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It is important to note that the situation is still unfolding, and the authorities are actively working to gather all relevant facts and evidence. As such, it is advised to stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

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