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The parents of a woman who tragically lost her life and was discovered in a tent a week later have expressed their profound anguish and deep-seated resentment towards the abusive partner who attempted to conceal her death. The grieving parents, overwhelmed by sorrow, have openly shared their intense feelings of hatred towards the individual responsible for their daughter’s untimely demise. The heartbroken couple, grappling with the devastating loss of their beloved child, have bravely voiced their disdain for the abusive partner’s reprehensible actions in an effort to shed light on the gravity of the situation. Their words serve as a poignant reminder of the pain and suffering caused by domestic abuse, and the urgent need for society to address and combat this pervasive issue.

Discovery of Colette Law’s Body

The lifeless body of Colette Law was discovered outside a church in the town of Spalding, located in Lincolnshire, on the 17th of July in the year 2023. It is believed that she had tragically passed away approximately one week prior to the discovery. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, leaving investigators with a daunting task of piecing together the events leading up to this tragic incident. The community of Spalding was left in shock and mourning as news of Colette’s untimely demise spread throughout the town. Authorities are diligently working to uncover the truth and bring justice to this heartbreaking case.

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Deception and Admission of Guilt

Paul Neilson, the partner of a 26-year-old woman, had been spreading the false information that she had returned home to Scotland. However, he later confessed to knowing that she had actually died in their tent and intentionally chose not to contact emergency services. This revelation sheds light on the disturbing actions of Neilson, who not only concealed the truth about his partner’s death but also failed to seek help when it was desperately needed. The reasons behind his decision remain unclear, but it is evident that his actions were both deceitful and potentially life-threatening. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of honesty and prompt action in emergency situations, as well as the consequences that can arise from withholding vital information.

Assaults Caught on CCTV

It was later revealed that he had subjected her to repeated acts of assault in the days leading up to her death. Shockingly, some of these brutal attacks were captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage. The emergence of this evidence shed light on the horrifying extent of the abuse she had endured. The fact that these assaults were recorded on camera not only provided undeniable proof of the perpetrator’s actions but also served as a chilling reminder of the pervasive nature of violence. This revelation further deepened the sense of outrage and sorrow surrounding the tragic loss of her life. The existence of visual documentation added a haunting dimension to the already distressing circumstances, leaving a lasting impact on those who became aware of this distressing detail.

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A Mother’s Hatred

Colette’s mother, Trisha, said: “We’ll never know what caused him to harm her like that – in daylight, in front of people. He harmed her, he threw her to the ground. She was an easy target to him. He’s a bad man. I’ve never liked the word hate – I raised my children not to say it. Hate’s a very strong word. But I hate him, I really hate him.”

Legal Proceedings

Neilson was initially charged with murder but the Crown Prosecution Service later dropped the charge. He was convicted of three assaults on Colette and of perverting the course of justice and was jailed for four years and eight months.

A Mother’s Anguish

Trisha continued: “He knew she was dead. Why didn’t he report it to the police? He knew if they found that tent and saw someone inside, they’d be looking for him, because he knew the day before he’d thrown her to the ground. He left her, which was rotten. He had a choice to report it rather than leaving her, and he didn’t.”

Undetermined Cause of Death

A post-mortem examination found that Colette had suffered two bleeds on the brain, but the cause of her death is still undetermined.

A Father’s Frustration

Her father, John, said: “I think people know what happened, but they couldn’t prove it because it took so long to find the body, so they couldn’t say exactly what caused her death. By the time they find her body all the evidence was away. It rained, the weather would have taken all that away, so he prevented it being found.”

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A Bright Life Cut Short

Colette, who was the youngest of three daughters, had moved to Spalding from her home in Scotland with Neilson in the summer of 2023. She was described by her parents as “happy and outgoing” and “the life and soul of the family”.

A Father’s Memories

Her father, John, said: “She was really funny. She was a pain in the butt sometimes as well, but she was really funny. She had a lot of friends, but then he appeared on the scene. He looked evil, in his eyes, you could see he’s not a nice guy.”

A Mother’s Relief

Trisha added: “If she didn’t die then, I think he’d still be beating her up. I just keep telling myself she’s at peace now, he’s not harming her anymore. He’s not in her face, he’s not hitting her. That’s what keeps me going, that’s the only thing. I can’t sleep because when I lie down she’s there. I smell her perfume, I hear her singing. If I would have seen that violent side of him, I would have gone straight to the police. I’m her mum and I should have saved her. I feel as if I didn’t do enough.”

Advocating for Change

Her parents are now urging people who witness any potential incidents of domestic violence to report it to the police. Trisha said: “If there is anybody out there in that situation, in a relationship like Colette, please get help. And if there’s anyone who see’s it happening, even if you just see raised voices, please say something. Tell the police. Even if it’s just shouting in their face, if they’re doing that in public what are they doing behind closed doors? You just don’t know what more could be happening.”

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