Ohio BCI missing man’s death investigation

Ohio BCI investigating death of missing man

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has initiated an inquiry into the untimely demise of a man who had been reported missing in Carey.

The investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his death and provide answers to the concerned parties.

The Bureau, known for its expertise in criminal investigations, will utilize its resources and specialized techniques to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and analyze any potential leads.

By delving into the details of this case, the Bureau hopes to bring closure to the family and friends of the deceased, as well as ensure justice is served. The community eagerly awaits the findings of the investigation, hoping for a resolution to this tragic event.

Discovery of the Body

The Village of Carey Police Department made a distressing discovery when they found the lifeless body of Phillip Joseph Evans in the yard of a residence located in the 1400 block of Oakwood Place.

This grim finding came just a few days after Evans had been reported missing from his home in the 300 block of Cherry Blossom Lane on February 3rd.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance and subsequent death remain unclear, leaving authorities with a challenging investigation ahead. The community is left in shock and mourning as they try to comprehend the tragic loss of a fellow resident.

Autopsy and Cause of Death

The cause of his death remains unknown at this moment, and a scheduled autopsy will shed light on the matter on Thursday. The Carey Police Department has reported that an agent from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has been dispatched to the scene for further investigation.

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