Obituary and Funeral of Lee Weeks : Details of Lee Weeks Death – How Did Lee Weeks Die? What Happened to Lee Weeks ?

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Born on June 14, 1940, in East St. Louis, Illinois, Lee A. Weeks embarked on a remarkable journey that spanned over eight decades.

Throughout his life, Lee was known for his unwavering dedication, strong work ethic, and deep love for his family and community.

As loved ones and friends come together to honor his life, it is a time to reflect on the lasting impact he had on those fortunate enough to have known him.

The Crane community, filled with both sadness and gratitude, prepares to say their final goodbyes to Lee A. Weeks, a man who left an indelible mark on their lives.

Career in Carpentry, Law Enforcement, and Agriculture

In 1970, Lee made a significant choice to move to Stone County, where he pursued a career as a carpenter and cabinet maker. His exceptional skills and unwavering dedication quickly earned him recognition, and he eventually became a Deputy Sheriff for Stone County.

In 1984, he made a career transition to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health, assuming the position of an enforcement officer.

Lee’s unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership abilities were evident, leading him to be promoted to the statewide enforcement supervisor role, a position he held for an impressive 11 years.

In 2003, Lee retired, having earned a well-deserved reputation for his outstanding contributions to his field.

Retirement and Hobbies

After retiring, Lee didn’t slow down at all. Instead, he filled his post-career years with a wide range of activities that kept him busy and engaged.

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From building houses to working with wood, gardening, hunting, and fishing, Lee found joy in pursuing various hobbies. These interests not only allowed him to showcase his skilled hands but also reflected his deep love for the outdoors and his desire to create with purpose.

Lee’s journey began in Caseyville, Illinois, where he attended Caseyville grade school before graduating from Collinsville High School.

Fuelled by his passion for craftsmanship, he went on to earn a degree in carpentry and cabinet making from Ranken Technical College, laying the groundwork for a successful career that would span many decades.

Family and Community

Lee Weeks will always be remembered for his unwavering love and dedication to his family. Throughout his remarkable 39-year marriage to his beloved wife, Billie Sondra Weeks, their unbreakable bond served as an inspiration to all who knew them.

Lee is survived by his daughter, Lisa Marie Weeks, residing in Illinois, as well as his cousin Jeanette McRoberts from Union, Missouri.

Additionally, he leaves behind two step-children, Bill Long and Cheryl Hill, who were fortunate to have him as a guiding presence in their lives.

Lee’s legacy extends to his four grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren, who will forever cherish the memories they shared with him.

Resurrection of Life Ceremony

A Resurrection of Life ceremony will be held at the Crane Presbyterian Church in Crane, MO, on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at 1:00 pm. This gathering will provide an opportunity for friends, family, and community members to come together, share stories, and celebrate the life of a man whose impact was felt far beyond the boundaries of his professional and personal life.

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Sorrow for the loss of a beloved community member, and gratitude for the memories, lessons, and inspiration he leaves behind. Lee’s journey serves as a reminder that a life well-lived is not measured in years alone but in the love shared, the impact on others, and the lasting legacy created.


Lee A. Weeks was a remarkable individual who dedicated his life to his family, community, and career. His skills as a carpenter, law enforcement officer, and enforcement supervisor in the agriculture industry showcased his commitment and leadership.

Even in retirement, Lee continued to pursue his passions and leave a lasting impact on those around him. As we gather to celebrate his life, we remember the love and commitment he had for his family and the community.

The Resurrection of Life ceremony will provide an opportunity to honor his memory and reflect on the legacy he leaves behind. Lee’s life serves as a reminder that a life well-lived is not measured in years alone, but in the love, impact, and lasting legacy created.