Naoya Inoue: Boxing Career, Net Worth & Wife

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Naoya Inoue, the highly acclaimed Japanese boxer, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the bantamweight division. His exceptional skills and unwavering determination have propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport, resulting in a remarkable net worth of around $7 million as of 2023. Inoue’s undefeated record of 20 wins, no losses, and one draw speaks volumes about his dominance in the boxing ring. These victories have not only solidified his reputation as a formidable athlete but have also played a significant role in his financial success. Inoue’s journey to the top serves as an inspiration to aspiring boxers worldwide, showcasing the rewards that can be reaped through hard work, talent, and relentless dedication.

Early Promise and Journey

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Naoya Inoue, a native of Zama City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, was born on April 10th, 1993. From a young age, Inoue showed great promise in the sport of boxing. At just five years old, he began his journey under the guidance of his father and renowned Japanese boxing coach, Ushiwaka-san. Inoue’s natural talent quickly became evident as he achieved success in various competitions. His exceptional skills reached new heights in 2009 when he emerged victorious in the prestigious All-Japan National High School Championship. This triumph solidified Inoue’s reputation as a rising star in the world of boxing.

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Professional Boxing Career

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After completing high school, Inoue made a crucial decision to pursue a professional boxing career. He signed a contract with Teiken Promotions in October 2012 and made his debut. Since then, Inoue’s journey in the sport has been nothing short of remarkable, as he has become a three-division world champion. With his exceptional performances, he has conquered the bantamweight, super flyweight, and light flyweight divisions. Inoue’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous accolades throughout his career. Ring Magazine honored him with the prestigious title of “Fighter of the Year” in both 2019 and 2020. In addition to his professional success, Inoue’s amateur career is equally impressive, with gold medal victories at the Asian Amateur Boxing Championships and the World Junior Boxing Championship in 2010. Known as “The Monster,” Inoue has held the unified WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring Magazine bantamweight championships since 2018. His record includes victories over formidable opponents like Nonito Donaire Jr., solidifying his position as one of the top pound-for-pound boxers globally. Currently ranked as the seventh-best pound-for-pound boxer in the world by BoxRec, Inoue’s exceptional skill and dominance in the sport are undeniable.

Financial Prosperity

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Naoya Inoue, a prominent athlete in Japan, has amassed a substantial net worth of $7 million. This financial success can be attributed to his highly successful boxing career, which has been characterized by numerous title victories and lucrative endorsement agreements. Inoue’s exceptional boxing skills are evident in his remarkable record of 19 wins, an astonishing 17 of which were achieved through knockout. This impressive feat has solidified his position as a dominant force in the realm of boxing, further enhancing his reputation and contributing to his financial prosperity.

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Inspiration for Aspiring Boxers

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As Naoya Inoue continues to make significant strides in the sport, his success stands as a source of inspiration for aspiring young boxers. Both his accomplishments and substantial net worth solidify his standing as one of the foremost names in boxing, carving out a path for a promising and influential future in the industry.


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Q: Could you provide details about Naoya Inoue’s professional boxing record?

A: Naoya Inoue boasts an unblemished record of 20 victories, 0 defeats, and 1 draw.

Q: What led to Naoya Inoue being nicknamed “The Monster”?

A: Naoya Inoue garnered the moniker “The Monster” as a result of his commanding performances in the boxing ring and his recognition as one of the premier pound-for-pound fighters globally.

Q: Which titles has Naoya Inoue secured?

A: Since 2018, Naoya Inoue has held the unified WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring Magazine bantamweight championships.