Are Lindsay & Carl Radke Still Together? Relationship Timeline

The Shocking Breakup

Are Lindsay & Carl Radke Still Together? Relationship Timeline 1

In a shocking turn of events, Lindsay and Carl have decided to call off their engagement, just weeks before their highly anticipated wedding in Mexico.

The news broke in late summer, leaving fans both shocked and saddened by the sudden change in plans.

On September 14, 2023, Lindsay confirmed the heartbreaking news, confirming that the wedding would not be taking place. Carl, devastated by the turn of events, expressed his deep sadness in a letter addressed to their family and friends, which was obtained by PEOPLE.

In the letter, he expressed his devastation and confirmed that they would not be moving forward with the wedding. The news has left everyone wondering what could have possibly led to this unexpected decision.

A Friendship Turned Romance

The reality stars initially met during the filming of the first season of Summer House in 2016. However, their relationship remained strictly platonic as they were both in committed relationships with other individuals.

It wasn’t until the fourth season that a spark ignited between them, resulting in a brief romance. Their relationship was filled with ups and downs, and after careful consideration, they came to the conclusion that they were better off as friends.

Despite the rollercoaster nature of their connection, they decided to prioritize their friendship and maintain a supportive bond.

A Prom-Themed Reunion

During a prom-themed party in 2021, Lindsay and Carl’s paths crossed once again, reigniting the spark between them. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Hubbard expressed his profound appreciation for the fortuitous timing, emphasizing the remarkable state of their relationship.

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He declared, “I can confidently say that I have never experienced a healthier connection.

Falling in love with your best friend is an unparalleled sensation that surpasses any other in the world.”

The serendipitous encounter at the party not only brought Lindsay and Carl back together but also solidified their bond, creating a love that Hubbard believes is truly extraordinary.

A Journey Together

The couple made the decision to live together, offering each other unwavering support during significant moments in their lives. Radke’s path to sobriety and Hubbard’s choice to freeze her eggs were pivotal moments that they faced together.

However, the highlight of their relationship occurred in August 2022 when Carl planned a surprise proposal for Lindsay in Southhampton. This heartfelt moment was captured by Bravo cameras, as it was featured in the seventh season of Summer House.

Their love story continues to unfold, showcasing the depth of their commitment and the growth they have experienced as a couple.

The Wedding That Never Was

However, the joy was short-lived as, just a month later, the wedding was called off. The couple’s relationship timeline had taken an unexpected and painful turn.

Challenges and Evolution

During Summer House Season 4, viewers witnessed Radke and Hubbard attempting to transition from friendship to romance. However, things got rocky, leading them to conclude that they were better off as friends.

Lindsay spoke to PEOPLE in February 2020, shedding light on their evolving relationship, stating, “Our friendship chemistry is just so apparent that I think a lot of people were sort of waiting for something to happen.”

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The Complexity of Expectations

March 5, 2020, saw Lindsay defending Carl on Instagram, addressing the challenges they faced. “Our expectations were not aligned, which is where it all went wrong,” she shared. Despite the difficulties, both parties moved on, acknowledging the complexities of their evolving friendship.

A Fairy Tale Proposal

August 27, 2022, marked a significant chapter in Lindsay and Carl’s journey as they got engaged. Radke orchestrated a romantic proposal at Southhampton’s Dune Beach, surprising Hubbard with a 4.02-carat Nicole Rose diamond ring.

The blissful moment, captured by Bravo cameras, was set to be a highlight of the upcoming seventh season of Summer House.

The Need for Therapy

However, almost two months after the engagement, the fairy tale unraveled. Longtime friend Kyle Cooke disclosed that the couple had been in constant couples therapy since the early days of their relationship.

Despite their efforts, Carl was the one to call off the wedding, leaving both parties devastated. In retrospect, it seems the couple faced challenges that even therapy couldn’t overcome.

The constant need for therapy raised concerns, with Kyle Cooke revealing, “It’s almost like the only time they could communicate on any given week was in therapy.”

Moving Forward

As of now, Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke have gone their separate ways following the end of their engagement.

While the details surrounding their breakup remain private, it’s evident that both parties are navigating their paths post-split.

Despite their rollercoaster romance and the hopes of many fans, Lindsay and Carl are no longer together. Their journey from friends to fianc├ęs may have come to an unexpected end, but both are undoubtedly moving forward with their lives.

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