Jr. released on bail: Suspect in Michael Cole’s death

Jr. released on bail: Suspect in Michael Cole's death 1

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – The two teenagers charged in the death of Michael Cole, Jr. have been given bond.

Confessions and Details of the Crime

According to court documents, suspects Nicholas King-Sheppard and Nedvin Jones originally denied having anything to do with Cole’s death, but eventually gave statements confessing to the crime.

Jones confessed to having a plan where he, King-Sheppard, Cole, and an unspecified number of others, would drive to a home on Gaston Avenue and shoot into it. According to the statement, this crime was planned because a person living at the home had stolen guns from Jones.

King-Sheppard has confessed to driving the group to Gaston Avenue to carry out the plan, but denies having had a gun himself.

According to the documents, while Jones, Cole, and one other were walking up to the house, Jones was in the middle of “coaching” the other two on how to shoot into the home when one of the individuals allegedly shot and killed Cole by accident.

Moving the Body and Attempt to Destroy Evidence

Both suspects confessed to moving the body to a second location and trying to burn it to destroy the evidence. They revealed the location of Cole’s body, which was then found.

Bond Conditions

Both teenagers have had their bond’s set at $750,000. Should they make bond, the two will still be subject to several conditions:

  • They must remain in the state
  • They must wear electronic monitoring devices
  • They must have no contact with the victim’s family
  • They must have no contact with each other
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Violation of any of these rules could result in their bond being revoked.

Autopsy Pending

The autopsy of Michael Cole, Jr. is still pending.