New details: Ivan Martinez-Alvarado died after being shot by his mother’s boyfriend

Tragic Incident

New details: Ivan Martinez-Alvarado died after being shot by his mother's boyfriend
New details: Ivan Martinez-Alvarado died after being shot by his mother’s boyfriend

A tragic incident occurred in Santa Clara where a 3-year-old boy named Ivan Martinez-Alvarado lost his life after being fatally shot by his mother’s boyfriend. The heartbreaking incident took place in the early hours of February 20th at the family’s residence in Riley Square Apartments. Ivan was innocently sleeping in his crib when the unimaginable tragedy unfolded, resulting in a gunshot wound to his head.

In response to this devastating loss, a fundraiser has been initiated to support the grieving family during this difficult time. The community has come together to offer their condolences and financial assistance to help the family cope with the aftermath of this senseless act of violence.

Suspect Charged

The suspect in custody has been identified as 24-year-old Sergio Colin Gomez, who is facing charges of murder and assault on a child under the age of 8. If found guilty, Gomez could potentially receive a life sentence in prison. The tragic victim, 3-year-old Ivan, was described as a vibrant and curious child from Santa Clara who found joy in exploring the world around him.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to remember Ivan and support his grieving mother during this difficult time. The funds raised will go towards covering funeral expenses and assisting the family in finding a new place to live. Contributions from compassionate individuals are greatly appreciated as the community comes together to honor Ivan’s memory and provide support to his devastated loved ones.

Details of the Incident

Ivan’s mother is currently pregnant with Gomez’s child, despite Gomez not being Ivan’s father. The tragic incident unfolded when an argument erupted between Gomez and Ivan’s mother, with Gomez accusing her of infidelity and attempting to coerce a confession. Fearing for her safety, the mother sought refuge in her son’s room and locked the door.

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However, Gomez forcibly entered the room, exited briefly, and then returned brandishing a gun. Prosecutors revealed that Gomez pointed the gun at Ivan’s head, and when the mother tried to intervene, Gomez fired the fatal shot that took Ivan’s life. Following a struggle with law enforcement, Gomez was apprehended in the vicinity.