“Dilkhush Kumar’s Net Worth 2024: Income & Assets”

Dilkhush Kumar, the visionary behind Rodbez, has become a symbol of inspiration in Bihar for his remarkable journey in building the company from scratch and achieving a valuation of four crore.

Rodbez Founder Dilkhush Kumar Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age,  Education & Success Story.

Coming from a humble background, Kumar faced numerous financial setbacks throughout his life. His struggles reached a tipping point when he was fired from his job for failing to identify the iPhone’s logo.

However, Kumar’s determination and resilience led him to appear on Shark Tank Season 3, where he passionately pitched his company, Rodbez. It is crucial to delve into every detail of Kumar’s journey to truly appreciate his remarkable achievements.

Early Life and Struggles

Dilkhush Kumar, a native of a small village in the Saharasa district of Bihar, started his journey as a vegetable dealer and rickshaw puller. Despite his humble beginnings, Kumar’s hard work and determination have led him to amass a net worth of $2 million, equivalent to approximately 16,59,99,100 Indian rupees.

Rodbez Founder Dilkhush Kumar Net Worth, Wikipedia, Biography, Age,  Education & Success Story - SarkariResult | SarkariResult

Currently, he is the founder and CEO of RodBez, a taxi service app. Even while working as a rickshaw puller and selling vegetables online, Kumar managed to continue his education until completing class twelve.

In 2011, he moved to Patna and secured a job as a driver, supplementing his income by working as an electrical wiring worker. Kumar’s inspiring story is a testament to his resilience and unwavering pursuit of success.

Education and Career

Dilkhush Kumar, the founder of Rodbez, hails from Bihar, India. He faced financial struggles in his early life, making it impossible for him to pursue higher education. However, he managed to graduate with a diploma from M.L.S.T. in 2008 at Saharsa College. At the young age of 16, he got married after completing his secondary education, which added more responsibilities to his life. Armed with his graduation certificate, Dilkhush began searching for stable employment.

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Bihar entrepreneur's Rodbez taxi valued at 4 crore - Thaiger World

Unfortunately, he was unaware of the iPhone brand and this lack of knowledge hindered his chances of securing a job. It was at this moment that he realized he was oblivious to the existence and reputation of the Apple company. To learn more, swipe down.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Dilkhush approached his father for guidance on how to excel in his job as a bus driver. With his newfound skills, Dilkhush’s monthly income increased to around $15,000. However, he yearned for a more fulfilling life and decided to expand his skill set by learning about construction, electrical work, and firefighting.

This desire for a richer life led Dilkhush to recognize the transportation issues in Bihar. In October 2016, Dilkhush Kumar established AryaGo Transpotech India Pvt. Ltd. The company dedicated itself to finding solutions for both passengers and taxi drivers. This article will delve into the details of their efforts.

Revolutionizing Bihar’s Transportation

In the beyond, taxi drivers would pay exorbitant rates due to the fact they would not acquire any business on their way again from the vacation spot. As a result, they used to price their clients twice as a great deal. Dilkhush made connections and deliberate Bihar’s transportation.

He considerably diluted the enterprise’s percentage for an unknown motive. All that was left to him became a tiny component. Later, in April 2022, Dilkhush chose to leave the organization. They had a workplace in Darbhanga, Bihar. Rodbez started with the equal concept however achieved his operations on a grander scale. Let’s be with this article.

Success and Net Worth

In some years, Dilkhush turned to making 80 lakhs a month at Arya Go. The organization turned into paying him about 8 lakh rupees per month, which equated to a fee of 10 percent. About $2 million is Dilkhush Kumar’s net real worth.

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Rodbez is the number one supply of income for him. All through the year, Dilkhush’s business generates a respectable income. Dilkush’s circle of relatives, buddies, and mentors furnished them with some preliminary funding and help.

With his efforts and the money from traders, it’s far correctly increasing. Dilkhush can learn layout and coding from YouTube and construct the Rodbez app with the aid of himself. Be with the reading till the end.

Investment and Ownership

Mithila Angel Net Work offers the initial funding for Rodbez. Right now, the enterprise and AryaGo are nearly on par. The company is eighty percent owned by using Dilkush. He shares five of the business enterprises with his co-founder Siddharth and 15% with the mentor and additional traders. Currently, Rodbez operates twenty taxis.

Every taxi motive force gets month-to-month profits of $45,000. The ultimate twenty thousand is earnings for the commercial enterprise. Their clients acquire several blessings from them. Keep reading to get more details.

Shark Tank Appearance

Since its founding, the organization has completed 10,000 rides. When they offered their commercial enterprise to Shark Tank, their intention turned into completing 2,000 rides every day. Co-founder Siddharth Jha and founder Rodbez take a look on Shark Tank Season 3.

At a Rs. 10 Crore valuation, they requested 50 lakhs for five percent equity. Shark Vineeta and Shark Ritesh made him a proposal for Rs. 20 lakhs for five% fairness and Rs. 30 lakhs for debt with 12% hobby for two years. Four Crore valuation is planned.

The deal involving Shark Ritesh Agarwal, the founder and CEO of OYO Rooms, and Shark Vineeta Singh, the CEO and co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, was accepted by him. Stick to our website for more updates.

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