Deroy Duarte’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Bio, Wiki in 2024: How Rich is He Now?

Deroy Duarte's Net Worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Bio, Wiki in 2024: How Rich is He Now?
Deroy Duarte’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Birthday, Bio, Wiki in 2024: How Rich is He Now?

Deroy Duarte is a talented midfielder who currently plays for Fortuna Sittard in the Eredivisie. What sets him apart is his captivating blend of Cape Verdean heritage and Dutch upbringing, which has greatly influenced his path in football.

Born in Rotterdam in 1999, Deroy has been able to draw from both cultures to develop his skills and become a unique talent on the international stage. His Cape Verdean heritage brings a rich footballing tradition and a unique style of play, while his Dutch upbringing has provided him with a strong technical foundation.

This combination has allowed Deroy to stand out and make a name for himself in the world of football.


Name Deroy Duarte
Estimated Net Worth $1 Million – $3 Million DollarsĀ (as of 2023)
Profession Football player
Date of Birth 4 July 1999
Age 24 years old
Height 177 cm
Weight 68 kg (149 lbs)
Birthplace Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nationality Cape Verdean, Dutch

Early Life and Career

Deroy’s love for football blossomed in his hometown, prompting him to enroll in the Sparta Rotterdam youth academy at a tender age. It was at this esteemed institution that he diligently refined his skills, impressing coaches and peers alike with his exceptional technical prowess and astute tactical acumen in the midfield position.

In a remarkable turn of events, at the youthful age of 18, Deroy was granted the opportunity to make his professional debut for Sparta Rotterdam in 2017, marking his entrance onto the prestigious Eredivisie stage. This momentous achievement served as a testament to his unwavering dedication and unwavering commitment to his craft.

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Representing Cape Verde

Deroy, despite being raised in the Netherlands, has always held onto his Cape Verdean heritage. In 2019, he received an invitation from the Cape Verde national team to represent his ancestral homeland.

Without hesitation, Deroy accepted the offer and made his international debut in 2022, facing off against Guadeloupe. Since then, he has proven to be an indispensable member of the team, playing a crucial role in their qualifying campaign for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Deroy’s dedication and skill have contributed significantly to the team’s success, solidifying his position as a key player for Cape Verde.

Physical Attributes

Deroy Duarte, the talented football player, has a well-proportioned and versatile physique that is ideal for his position on the field. With a height of 177 centimeters and a weight of 68 kilograms (149 lbs), Duarte possesses the perfect combination of attributes. His height allows him to be agile and maneuver the field effectively, making precise movements and engaging in strategic plays.

Additionally, his weight aligns with the optimal standards for a footballer, striking a balance between speed and strength. Duarte’s commitment to maintaining an athletic form that complements his skills as a midfielder is evident in his physical profile.

Nationality and Identity

Deroy Duarte, the talented footballer, proudly represents the Netherlands as his home nation. Born on June 30, 1997, in Rotterdam, Duarte’s nationality plays a pivotal role in shaping his identity and football career. Hailing from a country renowned for its rich footballing tradition, he has emerged as a notable midfielder, showcasing the skills and techniques associated with Dutch football.

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Growing up in the Netherlands, Duarte was likely influenced by the country’s passion for the sport, evident in its robust football culture and renowned youth development programs.

As a Dutch national, he contributes to the legacy of football excellence that the Netherlands is known for, embodying the technical proficiency, tactical awareness, and strategic gameplay associated with Dutch football.

Deroy Duarte is a talented football player who has made a name for himself in the Eredivisie. With his Cape Verdean and Dutch heritage, he brings a unique perspective and skillset to the game.

His success on the international stage and his commitment to maintaining a well-balanced physique demonstrate his dedication to the sport. As he continues to make strides in his career, Deroy Duarte is undoubtedly a player to watch in the world of football.