Death of decapitated baby: autopsy conclusion?

Death of decapitated baby: autopsy conclusion? 1

The medical examiner’s office in Atlanta has officially declared the death of a baby during birth at a Georgia hospital as a homicide.

The tragic incident involved the baby being decapitated, leading to a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the horrifying event.

The ruling of homicide indicates that the death was a result of intentional actions or negligence on the part of the medical staff involved.

This devastating news has undoubtedly shaken the community and raised concerns about the safety and quality of care provided at the hospital.

Authorities will continue their investigation to determine the exact cause and hold those responsible accountable for this unimaginable tragedy.

Cause of Death

The Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office has released a statement revealing the cause of death of newborn Treveon Taylor Jr. According to their findings, the baby’s death was a result of a “fracture dislocation with complete transection (to the) upper cervical spine and spinal cord.”

This tragic incident occurred due to shoulder dystocia, arrest of labor, and fetal entrapment in the birth canal. The details provided by the medical examiner shed light on the circumstances surrounding the baby’s demise.

It is a heartbreaking situation that highlights the importance of proper medical care and attention during childbirth.

The family of Treveon Taylor Jr. is undoubtedly devastated by this loss, and it serves as a reminder of the need for continued efforts to improve maternal and infant healthcare.

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Contributing Factors

According to the report, his death was attributed to a combination of factors, including pregnancy-induced diabetes and premature rupture of membranes. These conditions, commonly experienced during pregnancy, can pose serious risks to both the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy-induced diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, is a form of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and can lead to complications such as high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

Premature rupture of membranes, on the other hand, occurs when the amniotic sac surrounding the baby breaks before the onset of labor, increasing the risk of infection and premature birth.

These factors likely contributed to the unfortunate outcome in this case, highlighting the importance of proper prenatal care and monitoring to ensure the health and safety of both mother and baby.

Actions of Another Person

The medical examiner’s office said Treveon’s death was caused by the “actions of another person.”

Complications During Birth

The newborn’s mother, 20-year-old Jessica Ross, went into labor at Southern Regional Medical Center on July 9 and reported experiencing complications during the birthing process.

Lawsuit Allegations

According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the newborn’s parents in August, the baby’s shoulders got stuck in the vaginal canal, at which point a doctor allegedly performed a cesarean section too late and applied “excessive tension” on the baby’s head, causing it to detach from the body.

Failure to Inform

The lawsuit claims the doctor did not tell the mother and father what had happened. Instead, hospital staff allegedly refused to let them hold the baby after death, the lawsuit claims.

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They showed the parents Treveon wrapped tightly in a blanket with his head propped on top, a statement said. It also says staff pressured the couple to cremate the remains and told them an autopsy wasn’t warranted.

Funeral Home’s Concern

The family alleges they were not made aware of the decapitation until they received a concerning phone call from the Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home.

Investigation Launched

The medical examiner’s office was alerted to the dead infant’s condition by the funeral home, launching an investigation into the matter shortly after.

Statement from Southern Regional Medical Center

In August, Southern Regional shared the following statement, adding that they were not able to discuss details surrounding the birth due to HIPAA laws:

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family and all those impacted by this tragic event. Our prayers also remain with the dedicated team of physicians, nurses and staff at Southern Regional Medical Center who cared for this patient.

As our deepest sympathies remain with the family, Southern Regional Medical Center denies the allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint referencing the hospital.

Due to patient privacy laws and HIPAA, we are unable to discuss the care and treatment of specific patients, but we can state this unfortunate infant death occurred in utero prior to the delivery and decapitation.

The hospital voluntarily reported the death to the Clayton County Medical Examiner’s Office and is cooperating with all investigations. Since this matter is in litigation, we cannot provide additional statements.

Legal Action

The medical examiner’s office said it will be up to the district attorney whether formal charges relating to the homicide investigation will be filed.

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