Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips

Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips 1

In the vast Enshrouded universe, the glider holds a special place as a highly coveted asset. It allows players to effortlessly glide through the skies, granting them access to previously inaccessible locations and offering a fresh perspective on the world. The importance of gliders becomes particularly apparent when traversing the expansive terrains of Enshrouded’s Embervale. This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricate process of constructing a glider in Enshrouded, covering both the fundamental crafting techniques and the more advanced iterations of this remarkable aerial tool. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this manual will provide you with all the information you need to master the art of gliding in Enshrouded.

Basic Glider Crafting

Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips 2

Shroud Wood is a unique type of wood that can only be found in the Shroud area. In order to obtain it, players must locate trees within the Shroud biome and use an axe to chop them down. The wood has a distinct appearance, with a grayish color and twisted texture, setting it apart from regular wood.

Animal Fur can be acquired by defeating goats and wolves that roam the surface. These creatures drop fur as loot during encounters, providing players with a valuable resource.

String, on the other hand, can be crafted manually without the need for a workbench. By collecting two Plant Fibers, which are easily found throughout the game world, players can craft them into string, a versatile material used in various crafting recipes.

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To gather Shroud Spores, players must hunt the human-like Fell creatures that inhabit the Shroud. These creatures can often be found outside the influence of the Flame Altar at night. Defeating Fell creatures will yield Shroud Spores, which are essential for numerous crafting recipes.

Advanced Glider Crafting

Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips 3

To begin, head to the Shroud biome and locate trees to harvest Shroud Wood. Use an axe to chop down the trees and gather the distinct gray and twisted Shroud Wood.

Next, access the Hunter’s Hand Spindle and use 2 flax plants for each unit of Linen. Look for flax, a purple flower that can be found abundantly in the Revelwood biome to the north.

After obtaining the Linen, it’s time to craft String. Similar to the basic glider, manually craft String using available resources in Enshrouded. String is a versatile material that can be used in various crafting recipes.

To acquire the Shroud Sack, head to the Revelwood biome and search for spitting plants. Collect poison sacks from regular, purple, and orange spitting plants. In the Shroud biome, you will find similar glowing blue plants. Defeat these plants to obtain valuable Shroud Sacks.

Excellent Glider Crafting

Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips 4

In the game Enshrouded, players embark on a thrilling open-world survival RPG adventure set in the treacherous expanse of Embervale. Playing as a Flameborn, your mission is to rally fellow survivors and confront the looming threat of a malevolent fog. To progress in the game, you must complete various tasks.

First, you need to collect Shroud Wood by exploring the Shroud biome and chopping down trees with an axe. Next, you must acquire Leather by using the Hunter’s Tanning Station. This involves combining Dried Fur, Salt, and Ammonia Glands obtained from defeating red walking mushrooms in the Nomad Highlands.

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Gathering Linen requires crafting at the Hunter’s Hand Spindle using flax, a purple flower found in the Revelwood biome. Lastly, you must create Alchemical Base using the Alchemy Station. This involves combining Shroud Liquid, Mycelium, Water, and Shroud Spore.

Enshrouded offers a dynamic gaming experience with strategic decision-making and resource management. It features an expansive open world where up to 16 players can build bases, gather resources, and craft tools and gear. However, players must be cautious of the dangerous Shroud, which limits survival time and contains menacing monsters. Hunger and thirst affect combat abilities, and players can choose from different weapons and combat styles. Exploration is aided by a glider and grappling hook. If a player dies, they retain their gear but lose collected raw materials.

The Importance of Gliders in Enshrouded

Crafting & Using a Glider in Enshrouded: Expert Tips 5

Gliders stand as indispensable instruments in Enshrouded, facilitating the traversal of the expansive landscapes within Embervale. With a commitment to following crafting recipes and gathering requisite materials, players can construct gliders to augment their exploration and unveil the secrets of Enshrouded’s vast open world. Whether opting for the basic, advanced, or excellent glider, these invaluable devices confer an aerial viewpoint and grant entry to otherwise inaccessible regions. Equip yourself, amass your materials, and soar through the captivating expanse of Enshrouded’s breathtaking world.