Brian May’s Spouse: Who is He Married To? How Many Times?

Brian May's Wife: Who is Brian May Married To? How Many Times Did He Married?  - NAYAG Today

Brian May, the renowned guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen, has mesmerized millions across the globe with his extraordinary talent and captivating stage presence.

While fans are enthralled by his musical prowess, they also harbor a keen interest in his personal life. One aspect that often piques curiosity is Brian May’s romantic relationships, specifically his wife or wives, and the intriguing tales that surround his marital journey.

The Love Story with Anita Dobson

Brian May’s marriage to Anita Dobson is a significant chapter in his romantic life. Anita Dobson, born on April 6, 1949, is a renowned English actress known for her role as Angie Watts in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Their story began in 1986 when they first met. According to Express, Brian May, now 75, has been married to Anita Dobson, 73, since 2000, after starting their relationship in 1986.

Their love and companionship have endured for decades. In 1986, May collaborated with Dobson on her debut album, which marked the beginning of their personal and professional bond.

Their collaboration produced the hit song “Anyone Can Fall in Love,” which gained widespread acclaim for adding lyrics to the iconic EastEnders theme tune. The track reached number four on the UK Singles Chart in August 1986, further solidifying their creative synergy.

The Current Wife: Anita Dobson

Brian May, a 75-year-old musician, has been married twice in his life. He is currently married to Anita Dobson, a talented actress famous for her role in the popular British soap opera EastEnders.

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May and Dobson’s relationship began to flourish in 1986 when they collaborated on Dobson’s first album. The album included the hit song “Anyone Can Fall in Love,” which reached number four on the UK Singles Chart.

As the years went by, their bond grew stronger, leading to their marriage in 2000. May and Dobson have enjoyed a long-lasting partnership, both personally and professionally.


Sir Brian May CBE
Occupations Musician songwriter singer record producer author astrophysicist stereoscopist animal rights activist
Years active 1963–present
Spouses Christine Mullen ​ ​ ( m. 1976; div. 1988)​ Anita Dobson ​ ( m. 2000)​
Children 3

May’s Marital History

Brian May’s first marriage was to Chrissie Mullen in 1974, although not much is known about their relationship and subsequent divorce. However, May found love again with Anita Dobson.

Their love story blossomed over the years, fueled by their shared passion for music and the arts. In 2000, May and Dobson took their commitment to the next level and got married.

Their marriage has endured for over two decades, a testament to their deep connection and shared values. May and Dobson’s lasting love is a beautiful example of a strong and enduring partnership.

Brian May’s marital history includes two significant chapters: his first marriage to Chrissie Mullen and his current and enduring marriage to Anita Dobson.

Both relationships have played a significant role in shaping May’s personal life and have contributed to his journey as a musician and artist. May’s love story with Dobson, in particular, is a tale of creative collaboration and lasting love.

As fans continue to admire May’s musical talent, they can also appreciate the love and companionship that have been a part of his life.

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