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In the political realm of Barmer, a storm is brewing, and it revolves around Mevaram Jain, a former Congress MLA. Recently, two explicit videos have emerged, causing a whirlwind of controversy and thrusting Jain into the spotlight. The explicit nature of the videos has prompted the Congress party to take immediate action. The quiet corridors of Barmer’s political legacy are now filled with discussions and debates surrounding Jain’s involvement in these videos. The scandal has not only tarnished Jain’s reputation but has also raised questions about the party’s selection process and the character of its members. As the storm continues to gather momentum, the Congress party is faced with the challenge of managing the fallout and restoring its credibility in the eyes of the public.

The Controversy Unveiled

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In a stunning twist of events, Mevaram Jain, a former Congress MLA from Barmer, has become embroiled in a scandal as explicit videos allegedly featuring him have gone viral. This shocking revelation has prompted the Congress party to swiftly respond by suspending Mevaram Jain from his primary membership. The suspension order was issued by Govind Singh Dotasra, the Chief of the Pradesh Congress Committee. This scandal has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, tarnishing Mevaram Jain’s reputation and raising questions about the party’s vetting process for its members. The Congress party’s decisive action demonstrates its commitment to maintaining integrity and accountability within its ranks. The fallout from this controversy is likely to have far-reaching implications for Mevaram Jain’s political career and the party’s image.

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The Allegations

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The Mevaram Jain controversy centers around two explicit videos that have recently come to light. These videos allegedly involve Mevaram Jain and have sparked serious allegations. A woman has come forward, claiming that she was subjected to rape by Mevaram Jain and nine others on multiple occasions in both 2021 and 2022. Additionally, the victim has reported incidents of harassment against her minor daughter. The case has been officially filed at the Rajiv Nagar police station in Jodhpur, where compelling evidence, including videos and explicit photos, has been presented. The gravity of these accusations has brought significant attention to the case, and it is now in the hands of the authorities to thoroughly investigate and seek justice for the victim and her daughter.

A Political Flashpoint

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The scandal surrounding Mevaram Jain has not only brought his conduct into question but has also become a contentious political issue. The BJP, taking advantage of the situation, used it as an opportunity to criticize the Congress party. They pointed fingers at their candidate, Mevaram Jain, alleging his involvement in the viral videos. Mevaram Jain, a well-known figure in Barmer and a three-time MLA, had been chosen by the Congress as their candidate in the previous elections but was ultimately defeated. The scandal has now become a focal point in the political landscape, with both parties using it to their advantage.

A Prominent Political Figure

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Mevaram Jain has been a significant political figure in Barmer, having served as a three-time MLA and holding senior positions within the Congress party. He is considered a close associate of Ashok Gehlot, who appointed him as the chairman of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission and bestowed him with the rank of cabinet minister.

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An Ongoing Investigation

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The police are actively investigating the rape allegations and the authenticity of the viral videos. The case has gained widespread attention, not only for its salacious details but also for its potential impact on the political landscape in Rajasthan.

The Power of Social Media

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The scandal has transcended traditional media and gained traction on various social media platforms, with links to the explicit videos circulating on platforms such as Telegram. The spread of the videos has not only fueled public outrage but has also brought to light the challenges posed by the dissemination of explicit content on social media.


The Barmer Vidhayak MMS scandal has sent shockwaves through the political landscape of Barmer. Mevaram Jain’s alleged involvement in explicit videos has not only tarnished his reputation but has also become a political weapon for his opponents. As the investigation continues, the outcome of this scandal remains uncertain, leaving the community in shock and a politician’s fate hanging in the balance.